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LotSeekerFic Awards!

Wow. My "Salvation Series" was awarded third place in the first LotSeekerfic Awards, in two separate catagories for the Kahlan/Cara pairing!

This was voted on by the readers themselves, so I'm very humbled and grateful that I got such a wonderful response and acknowledgment. Thanks to everyone who read my K/C series and thanks so much to anyone who voted for my stories! And thanks to those behind this Award effort and their amazing efforts to pull this wonderful event off.

And yes, this was very inspiring and motivating. I'm just polishing up another K/C story that should be posted in a week or so. :)
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On a Brittana High

I've had a not-so-secret soft spot for awhile now for those not-so-secretly queer Cheerios from GLEE, Santana and Brittany (Brittana for those ten people who don't know).

They were just undeniably cute together and entertaining and quietly subversive of expectations of what queer high school kids are supposed to be like. Admittedly, the show played a duck and dodge with some of that cheerleaders-gone-wild, girl-on-girl hawt!action that is usually the only version of this we ever see. But it was more dodge than not. These girls held pinkies down the school hallways, for cryin' out loud. And the actresses playing them, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, are just scarily talented. So I couldn't help but like them, and yes, ship them like a fool.

I was content with the few token canon references the pairing were thrown, that made it official and I was relieved. And I was often even happier for the subtext the two actress seemed completely unable not do in the background of any shot they were in.

But the show happily stunned me with where they took this storyline in their last aired episode, "Sexy". It was front and center, treated with respect and not just the winking joke it had often been, and it was all heart and fragile ~feelings~ and the now infamous "locker scene" re-broke every heart that had ever been so freshly broken right out of the gate as a teenager in love.

I'll leave the eloquence of how awesomely this was handled and why it's still rattling in my brain and heart days later to thejollyape, who gave a typically thoughtful review of Brittana in a recent journal post (really, go read it).

I just wanna celebrate the victory of this (yes, note perfect) visibility. And declare my timid hope that this is not a fluke for this show. Cause the possibilities are incredible. And while my heart might not be able to stand it, I'm willing to take the chance. Brittana - please remain "on"!!

(This vid is less Brittana heart and more Brittana hip work, but it makes me giddy and it is certainly "Sexy", so see, there's a theme.)

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LotSeekerFic Nominee! & Salvation Series MasterLinks

My multi-chapter LotS story (dubbed the "Salvation Series") has been nominated for the LotSeekerFic Awards , in the K/C categories for both "Best Action/Adventure" and "Best Drama". How freaking cool is that??

Voting is from February 22 to March 22. It's frankly a great excuse to revisit or discover some fun LotS fics.

Sincere thanks to anyone who had a hand in nominating me. It's quite a kick. And yes, encouragement to get back to writing.

Since my story had separate chapter names (it seemed like a good idea at the time LOL) and might be confusing, I'm also taking this opportunity to post a Master List of Links to the story, in order.

Looking over it again, it's amazing how much I'm tempted to fiddle with it now, especially the earlier chapters. But I slapped my hands and left it as the artifact of the learning process it is. :b

It was a fun ride and I appreciate everyone who took it with me. Thanks!!

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Charity Drive!

EDITED 12/23/10 to remove donate button. WE MADE OUR GOAL! Thanks everyone!!

I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to have this on my personal journal before. Forgive me if this redundant for some of you, but... Part of the fan "thank you" by the Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project is a charity donation drive in her honor, to go to the disaster and relief organization, Direct Relief International. We're collecting funds now!

Even if you're not a fan, f-listers (but really, why not? Have you seen her?), please consider getting into the seasonal spirit and give to a very worthy cause, and help us reach our goal. Modest donations are welcome - it all adds up!

Also, we have someone willing to match funds! Any money we gather, up to our goal of $2000, will be DOUBLED!! Yep, that means we could have $4000 to give in Tab's name.

"Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and throughout the world. We work to strengthen the in-country health efforts of our partners by providing essential material resources – medicines, supplies and equipment.

Direct Relief was established in 1948 and is nonsectarian, nongovernmental, and apolitical. All the programs are provided in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity."

Current Total: $964.36 USD
Goal: $2,000 USD

Charity Drive Deadline: December 15, 2010
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REALIZED (Legend of the Seeker - Kahlan/Cara)

AUTHOR: rhyfeddu
SUMMARY: Definitely AU from "Eternity" on.
Kahlan's POV. Kahlan/Cara, Dahlia, Zedd, Richard, Shota (sort of)
DISCLAIMER: As always, everything here belongs to other (much more wealthy) people. I'm just having fun.
COMMENT: Twenty sixth part, a continuation from "Strife"

NOTE: We’re wrapping up! No, I can’t believe it, either…

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STRIFE (Legend of the Seeker - Kahlan/Cara)

AUTHOR: rhyfeddu
RATING: PG-13, Violence and threats thereof.
SUMMARY: Definitely AU from "Eternity" on.
Richard's POV! Kahlan/Cara, Dahlia, Zedd, Rahl, Shota, hell the whole gang is here!
DISCLAIMER: As always, everything here belongs to other (much more wealthy) people. I'm just having fun.
COMMENT: Twenty fifth part, a continuation from "Pinnacle"

Buckle up, people! And yes, it’s Richie’s turn to talk!

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Let's THANK Tabrett Bethell

CLICK ON IMAGE to go to site!

Have you ever been watching "Legend of the Seeker" and thought you'd really like to personally thank Tabrett for embodying Cara so well? The snark and eye rolls, the angst and heartbreak, the badass-ness of it all?

Recently Tabrett was at a premiere of her thriller film "The Clinic" and during the question and answers afterwards, she said she was really grateful for the opportunity to do the film cause "I'm a first-comer myself. No one even know who I am."

Combined with her legendary reticence to be on line, it seems this girl has no idea how much of an impression she's made in a very short time.

So this fan effort was born: The Tabrett Bethell Appreciation Project, to let her know how much we've loved her acting, how much we appreciate all her hard work during "Seeker", and how we'll all be eagerly watching for her roles in the future. In short, to show her some fan-love and support.

Right now, the TBAP Community is brainstorming how exactly to do that. So no matter how involved you want to be, please join us at this site!
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FRACTURE (Legend of the Seeker - Kahlan/Cara)

AUTHOR: rhyfeddu
SUMMARY: Definitely AU from "Eternity" on.
Dahlia's POV (You've read that right) Kahlan/Cara, Cara/Dahlia.
DISCLAIMER: As always, everything here belongs to other (much more wealthy) people. I'm just having fun.
COMMENT: Twenty second part, a continuation from "Solace"

Please note this is from Dahlia's POV, to avoid confusion. Yep, an exception, but she had things to say...

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